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Bogner V30 audio test

Bogner GT75 audio test

Orange audio test

Mesa audio test

Framus audio test

Engl audio test

Only guitar

Impulses are ready for regular impulse loader and also Axe I & II


– Bogner Ubercab 412 V30>75
– Mesa Rectifier Std 412 V30
– Mesa Adam D Inspired Technique (6″away)
– Orange PPC412 V30
– Marshall JCM900 GT75
– Marshall 1960DM V30
– Engl E412 V60
– Framus Dragon V30

The Chain

– RME interface
– SSL converter
– API 3124
– Neve 1073

Amp Settings

-Peavey 6505+ power amp with Presence set at 5
-Peavey 6505+ power amp with Presence set at 8
-Peavey 6505+ power amp with Presence set at 10
-Mesa Single Rectifier power amp

Mic Possitions

-Shure SM 57 on axis
-Shure SM 57 off axis at 45º (fredman)
-Sennheiser MD421 II aiming the dustcap
-AKG 414 aiming between the center of the cone and the edge of the speaker.
– Roger R121 clone dustcap

THIS IS A SET OF AUDIO FILES ONLY, THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL CABINET. The Package is in .RAR format, so you will need WINRAR to extract its contents.

This is an original product by Alex Cappa & The Metal Factory Studios, ​Copyright © 2014.
All rights reserved
​Trigger & Slate are trademarks of SlateDigital​
​​Kontakt is trademark of Native Instruments, GER
Drumagog is trademark of ​Wavemachinelabs
​​It is not allowed to share or resell of any kind.


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