Metal Production Starter Pack



I received many messages in the past from customers asking for one pack that gathers all that´s needed to build a song, and here it is!
We took a good all around drumkit such as Pearl Prestige Drumkit (Kontakt, Drumagog & Trigger), a good set of Cymbals: our Zildjian K set (Kontakt 5.5.1) plus 3 Pod Farm presets for GTR & Bass, 4×12 Rectifier IR´s and a screen shot in case you would like to use free amp sims.
So in one pack you have drums, guitars and bass to make your song smash.
For now two mix tests are provided so you can hear the sound that it´s possible to achieve, but a YT video will follow very soon getting more in depth. I just replaced all the DI´s and midi drums for a song cover we made from HateBreed. I hope you guys enjoy it!

THIS IS A SET OF AUDIO FILES ONLY, THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL DRUM. The Package is in .RAR format, so you will need WINRAR to extract its contents.

Please be aware that all drum instruments provided by The Metal Factory Studios are not related in any way to Native Instruments. The Metal Factory Studios provides drum libraries ONLY and does not provide any serial numbers, products, or software related to Native Instruments or Kontakt.

This is an original product by Alex Cappa & The Metal Factory Studios, ​Copyright © 2015.All rights reserved

Trigger & Slate are trademarks of SlateDigital​
Kontakt is trademark of Native Instruments, GER
Drumagog is trademark of Wavemachinelabs
​It ​is not allowed to share or resell of any kind.


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