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Inspired by the new Thirteen Bled Promises masterpiece ‘The Black Legend’, this kit is everything you need for your technical production. This bad boy was built and tuned specifically to shine and pump during fast tempos. That’s right – blast beat lovers don’t have to shy away, crank up the BPM and start windmill headbanging.

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Ever trying to top our latest releases, we’ve thrown everything and the kitchen sink by creating an all new interface for a better user experience and eye candy. It’s improved so much that we’re updating older products of ours to meet the new standard this product sets. Why believe us? Just watch the video and listen to the sounds of your skull being crushed.

KICK: Pearl EXR Kick 22x18in (Felt & Plastic beater)

SNARE: Mapex Black Panther Blaster Snare 13x07in (Regular shot & Rim Shot)

RACK TOM: Pearl EXR RackTom 10x08in

RACK TOM: Pearl EXR RackTom 12x09in

FLOOR TOM: Pearl EXR FloorTom 14x14in

FLOOR TOM: Pearl EXR FloorTom 16x16in

Samples recorded in WAV format at 44.1 KHz and 24 Bits. NKI & NKM ( Native Instruments Kontakt) TCI (Slate Trigger) GOG (Drumagog) & WAV (Audio Files)

THIS IS A SET OF AUDIO FILES ONLY, THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL DRUM. The Package comes in .RAR format and you will need WINRAR to extract the files.

Please be aware that all drum instruments provided by The Metal Factory Studios are not related in any way to Native Instruments. The Metal Factory Studios provides drum libraries ONLY and does not provide any serial numbers, products, or software related to Native Instruments or Kontakt. Which in practice means you will need the full version of Kontakt. If using Kontakt player you will only have 20 minutes to work with the kits, then a reopen will be mandatory.

This is an original product by Alex Cappa & The Metal Factory Studios, ​Copyright © 2019.All rights reserved

Samples recorded by Hans C.R & Johny TBP and processed by Alex Cappa.

Kontakt programming and graphics by Jona de Haro.

Trigger & Slate are trademarks of SlateDigital

Kontakt is a trademark of Native Instruments

It is not allowed to share or resell of any kind.

1 review for Alien Custom Kit

  1. Chernobyl Studios

    This is really simple. Do you need blast beats? Do you need a drum library that retains it’s balls and punchiness at high BPM? Do you still want to shape the sound a little bit to your liking and to help fit in your mix? This is the drum library for you.

    I have a full review about it on my channel with an extension demonstration of the samples straight out of the box and within the contents of the mix. This kit is absolutely SICK!

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