Reckless Custom Kit


This kit has been built with the songwriter and the engineer in mind. We wanted to create something versatile for advanced users and, at the same time, “mix-ready” for songwriters and musicians who need to focus on music creation. While preserving flexibility, this five piece kit has been meticulously processed to give you control over the critical frequencies and easily get the best of every drum. It features a new complete multichannel interface built from scratch and also includes two versions of the samples that will fit in most modern metal productions.


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We know you’ve been looking all over the Internet for a set of drums that’d give EZDrummer 2 a run for its’ money… well, your search is over.

You don’t have to sound like every other guy using the same drum software. Take advantage of professionally recorded and sampled drums to give you a unique sound.

Learning from previous bundles, this drum package has been improved in every way. Get your hands on it and give your music the drum sound it deserves.

Samples recorded in WAV format at 44.1 KHz and 24 Bits. NKI & NKM ( Native Instruments Kontakt) TCI (Slate Trigger) WAV (Audio Files)


BASS DRUM (Mapex Horizon Custom · Birch) Size: 22” x 18” Heads: Remo Powersonic Bass Clear (Batter) / Drumport White (Resonant)

SNARE (Pearl VX Limited Edition · Birch) Size: 14” x 6,5” Heads: Remo Powerstroke 3 Coated (Batter) / Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear (Resonant)

TOMS (Mapex Horizon Custom · Birch ) Size: 12” x 9” / 13” x 10” / 16” x 16” Heads: Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear (Batter) / Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear (Resonant)


Channel: Direct Mic: Audix D6 / Shure SM7b (Blend) Position: Close / Front / Mid & Outside

Channel: Bite Mic: Audio Technica MB6K Position: Close / Front / Inside

Channel: Subkick Mic: Little Bastard Subkick (Custom) Position: Close / Front / Outside

Channel: Room Mic: Oktava 012 (Spaced Pair) Position: Near


Channel: Direct Mic: Audix i5 Position: Close Top

Channel: Bite Mic: Shure SM7b & Rode NT5 (Blend) Position: Close & Mid / Bottom

Channel: Room Mic: Oktava 012 (Spaced Pair) Position: Near


Channel: Direct Mic: Sennheiser e604 & Audio Technika MB5K (Blend) Position: Close / Top & Bottom

Channel: Room Mic: Oktava 012 (Spaced Pair) Position: Near


THIS IS A SET OF AUDIO FILES ONLY, THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL DRUM. The Package comes in .RAR format and you will need WINRAR to extract the files.

Please be aware that all drum instruments provided by The Metal Factory Studios are not related in any way to Native Instruments. The Metal Factory Studios provides drum libraries ONLY and does not provide any serial numbers, products, or software related to Native Instruments or Kontakt. Which in practice means you will need the full version of Kontakt. If using Kontakt player you will only have 20 minutes to work with the kits, then a reopen will be mandatory.

This is an original product by Alex Cappa & The Metal Factory Studios, ​Copyright © 2019.All rights reserved

Samples recorded by Jona de Haro and processed by Alex Cappa.

Kontakt programming and graphics by Jona de Haro.

Trigger & Slate are trademarks of SlateDigital

Kontakt is a trademark of Native Instruments

It is not allowed to share or resell of any kind.





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