Architect´s Mix Sample

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The bunldle contains 6 presets in l6t format for Pod Farm 2.5
-Metal Rhythm inspired on modern metal, suitable for both metalcore & Djent –> Mix context/Solo Guitar 
-Metal Lead is a gentle and articulate solo preset that will cut through your mix –> Mix context 
– Hyperclean is a mellow and sweet clean preset –> Mix context/Solo Guitar 
– Classic Bass inspired on KSE type of sound –> Mix context/Solo Bass
– Metalcore Bass inspired on bands like All that Remains –> Mix context/Solo Bass 
– Massive Bass inspired on the most extreme bass sounds –>Mix context/Solo Bass 
Audio samples on Soundcloud –>Soundcloud 
These presets don´t need Platinum or Metalshop upgrade and also have no post processing applied.

THIS IS A SET OF AUDIO FILES ONLY, THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL BOX. The Package is in .RAR format, so you will need WINRAR to extract its contents.

This is an original product by Alex Cappa & The Metal Factory Studios, ​Copyright © 2015.
All rights reserved
​Trigger & Slate are trademarks of SlateDigital​
​​Kontakt is trademark of Native Instruments, GER
Drumagog is trademark of ​Wavemachinelabs
​​It is not allowed to share or resell of any kind.


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