Hi everyone, something that I never thought would happen to me has happened. Two nights ago some low-level scumbags broke into my car and stole my touring microphones while I was sleeping. This gear had a lot of special meaning for me as they were the microphones I’ve purchased over time through hard work during my career. More info below.


Hola a todos! Hace dos noches, cuando volví de gira alguien forzó mi coche robando todo el equipo de microfonía y todos mis objetos personales. Nunca imaginas que estas cosas te pueden pasar a ti, pero lejos de lamerme las heridas necesito con urgencia reponer todo el equipo robado para poder seguir trabajando. Más allá del valor económico, también tenía un gran valor personal para mi ya que era el equipo que utilizaba tanto en estudio como en directo desde hace muchos años. Puedes encontrar una lista de todo el equipo robado más abajo; la suma ronda los 6000€.


I tracked all of my samples and over 200 albums with these microphones so it burns even more that some gutless criminal has stolen them. I have followed through all the proper legal procedures and have done everything I can in that respect. The exact list of gear is listed below and is worth more than €6000.

Audix mic bag with:
Audix D6 x2
Audix D2 x3
Audix D4 x3
Audix i5x2
Audio technica & KM mic clamps x 8
Sennheiser 903 x2
Sennheiser 914 x4

Eastpak bag with:
Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser 440 BT
Sennheiser HD300
Sennheiser E904 x2
Roland TM2
Roland trigger TR30K
Alesis sample pad
Sony Vaio laptop
Cables & Sd Cards
Logitech MK330
Sonometer URCERI
Focusrite 2i4

As well as the gear, my personal effects were also stolen, but those aren´t a huge problem to replace. The main issue is that I need to continue working A.S.A.P.

With this “Help Your Bro” you can help me out with a donation so I can get back on track with replacing my gear (in case you don’t want or need any of the products on sale), it´s fixed to €5 but you can add as many donations as you wish to the cart.

Thanks for your help guys. I’ll keep you all posted and let you know if any of my gear is found by the police and returned to me.


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